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Humidur®'s approvals

Saudi Aramco
Humidur was tested and approved according to Saudi-Aramco's APCS-19C/09-SAMSS-070 qualification requirements for splash zone steel in 2017. This test programme is based on the NORSOK System 7, but is more severe. Saudi Aramco will continue field trials in 2018.

After successfully training the Chevron crews in Angola, Humidur has now been specified as one of the best maintenance coatings in Angola.

BG India
Humidur is approved by BG India for use on offshore platforms. Initial work for BG India started in 2017.

Teekay Petrojarl
Teekay Petrojarl is the largest floating production storage and offloading operator in the North Sea. Humidur is now approved for use on Teekay Petrojarl's vessel, Petrojarl Foinaven.